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Why use waterproof label?

September 19,2022

Waterproof label is made of high-quality glue with long viscosity, waterproof surface, convenient use, economic and environmental protection, non-toxic and pollution-free. It is usually used for information labels such as drugs, food, clothing and cultural goods. It can be laser printed and written with oil pen or ball pen.


The four characteristics ofwaterproof labelswill give you a simple understanding of waterproof labels:
1. Coated material: coated paper is used, with a variety of colors, which is widely used in tag, medicine and food.
2. High quality glue: the glue has good quality, lasting adhesive effect and longer shelf life than ordinary glue.
3. Surface waterproof: smooth surface, with waterproof function, does not affect the use of water droplets.
4. Clear printing: clear printing, no ink drop, no leakage.
Five advantages of fine waterproof label:
1. Multiple colors can be selected
Over the past 13 years, Suzhou Guanhua paper products Co., Ltd. has been committed to the design, production and sales of labels. It has a complete range of waterproof labels with many colors.
2. Ultra thin white backing paper
The copper plate of Suzhou Guanhua paper products Co., Ltd. has a good viscosity and is not easy to fall off.
3. Press neatly
Advanced stamping machines are used for labels to make each label neat.
4. Good viscosity
The label adopts special glue, which has good viscosity and is not easy to fall off.
5. Easy to peel off
The label backing paper is made of special materials, which is easy to peel off.
There are six reasons why you choose to buy waterproof labels:
High quality materials, delicate surface materials, not easy to fade, good waterproof, smooth printing, safety and environmental protection.
Waterproof labels are made of high-quality resin raw materials. After a certain process, the resin is melted, extruded and extended into a film, and then processed into paper. Experienced technicians personally guide the coating, gluing and cutting, so as to ensure that each product can stand the test.
We arewaterproof labels manufacturer.

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