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What kind of paper materials are used for printing the tickets of the scenic spot?

October 09,2022

Generally, the tickets of scenic spots are printed with thermal paper. Because of its convenience and low cost compared with other materials, what is the knowledge of scenic spot ticket printing?

What are the paper materials for printing the tickets of the scenic spot?
1、 Ticket printing of scenic spots made of thermal paper
The net weight of thermal paper used to make tickets for the scenic spot is 180g-230g, in grams per square meter. The thickness of the thermal paper ticket is approximately equal to its net weight, that is, the thickness of the thermal paper of 200gsm is approximately equal to 200 μ m. That is 0.2mm.
In addition, some scenic spot tickets use ordinary thin thermal paper, such as cinema tickets, which are printed with 80g three proof thermal printing paper. The vast majority of tickets for the scenic spot are made of 200g thermal paper, and the boarding pass thermal paper is printed with 230g thermal paper.

2、 Ticket printing of scenic spots made of coated paper
The main weight of coated paper is 128g, 157g, 200g, 250g and 300g, and the specifications and models are available in rolls and single sheets.
Guanhua Paper is a leadingthermal paper supplier.
The production method of scenic spot tickets shall be determined by the material and printing method according to the requirements of consumers in the middle and later stages. If consumers need to print a single copperplate ticket for the scenic spot that can be directly torn by hand. If consumers need to use the ticket thermal paper that needs to be printed in the middle and later stages, they need to make continuous tickets for scenic spots. There are two types of tickets for consecutive scenic spots: roll and fold.

3、 Ticket printing of scenic spots made of double gummed paper
The tickets for the double gummed paper scenic spots are mostly for scenic spots with few printing colors, and they need to be made with low cost production methods.
Product quality requirements for ticket printing of scenic spots:
(1) The site is flat and delicate, with neat surroundings and no double shadow.
(2) The dot is clear, the deformation is small, and the sense of hierarchy is clear.
(3) If there are fine lines and fine characters, the lines shall be clear, the characters shall be exquisite, and the version shall not be pasted.
(4) Multi color printing requires accurate printing, no white leakage, and no excessive overlapping borders.

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