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What is thermal label paper, why is it also called thermal self-adhesive label

November 18,2022

thermal label paper, suitable for catering industry, hotel, food, supermarket, fruit shop, logistics, warehousing industry, express delivery, meituan takeaway label; in addition to general specifications, special specifications can be customized, with clear printing and long storage time. Customers in need can contact us to learn more about our products.

Thermal self-adhesivelabel paperis made of thermal paper. Thermal paper is a special paper treated with high thermal-sensitive coating. The surface material can use low-voltage print head, so the wear on the print head is very small. Thermal paper is a kind of thermal printing paper specially used in electronic scales and cash registers. The simple way to test thermal paper is to use fingernails to scratch hard on the paper, and a black scratch will be left.

Heat-sensitive self-adhesive is coated with a layer of colorless heat-sensitive coating on the surface of ordinary offset paper. The heat-sensitive coating is mainly composed of color coupler, color developer and sensitizer. The color coupler used for thermal paper is usually a colorless or light-colored stable powder, and it will develop color under certain conditions. We call this self-adhesive label a thermal paper self-adhesive label.

In the huge self-adhesive label family, according to the material, it is dazzling, there are ordinary copperplate self-adhesive labels, heat-sensitive paper self-adhesive labels, PET self-adhesive labels, PVC self-adhesive labels, etc. . Puer’s self-adhesive printing is an indispensable consumable for every company. So let’s talk about the characteristics of thermal paper self-adhesive labels today? Thermal label paper is a kind of self-adhesive label paper. The surface paper of this label paper is paper treated with high heat-sensitive heat-sensitive coating. There is an adhesive layer behind the paper for pasting and fixing. The backing paper is used to protect the adhesive layer. After printing, tear off the backing paper and use it. The backing paper can be divided into ordinary blue bottom, white bottom and imported glassine bottom. Ordinary thermal barcode paper is not waterproof or oil-proof , can be torn.

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