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What are the application fields of sticker labels

February 16,2023

Sticker label, also known as self-adhesive label, is a composite material with paper, film or special material as the fabric, adhesive coated on the back, and protective paper coated with silicon as the backing paper.

Many coating technologies lead to different grades of self-adhesive materials. The current development direction is to change from traditional roller coating and scraper coating to high-pressure tape casting coating, to maximize the uniformity and sensitivity of the coating, avoid the generation of bubbles and pinholes, and ensure the coating quality. However, the casting cloth coating technology in China is still immature, and the traditional roller coating is mainly used in China.

Compared with traditional labels, self-adhesive labels have many advantages, such as no brushing, no pasting, no dipping in water, no pollution, and saving labeling time. They are widely used, convenient and fast. Adhesive is a kind of material, also known as sticker label, which is a composite material with paper, film or other special materials as the fabric, adhesive coated on the back, and protective paper coated with silicone as the backing paper.

After printing, die-cutting and other processing, it becomes a finished product label.
Application field of self-adhesive label

Packaging industry:shipping mark labels, postal parcels, letter packaging, freight labels, envelope address labels;

Commodity industry: price label, product description label, shelf label, barcode label, drug label;

Chemical industry: paint material label, gasoline oil product packaging label, various special solvent product labels;

Electronic industry: all kinds of electrical appliances have many durable stickers, large unit area and large quantity. In addition, self-adhesive labels are also widely used as descriptive labels for industrial products (computers, etc.), This has also promoted the demand for self-adhesive labels;

Logistics industry: In recent years, China’s logistics industry has risen, and modern logistics has an increasing demand for variable information printing labels, such as storage and transportation labels, luggage labels, supermarket labels, etc;

Pharmaceutical industry: self-adhesive labels are increasingly used in pharmaceutical packaging. With the over-the-counter drug sales of over-the-counter drugs, drug manufacturers and consumers are paying more and more attention to drug packaging, which will greatly promote drug manufacturers to accelerate the transition from traditional labels to self-adhesive labels;

Advertising industry: self-adhesive label is a variety of advertising materials widely used in the advertising industry. It is best to be used together with the ready-to-paste sticker engraving machine. Carved products are widely used in light box, signboard production (installation), body advertising production, permanent signs, signs, computer cutting patterns, window patterns, display board production and many other aspects;

The back adhesive of the self-adhesive label product is acrylic solvent-based pressure-sensitive adhesive with excellent adhesion, and the polymer calendered polyethylene rubber has the characteristics of multi-color, strong color retention, uniform color, good weather resistance and pollution resistance, good shrinkage resistance, and service life of more than three years. For ordinary facade decoration, it is a cost-effective method;

Other industries: anti-counterfeit label, encrypted label, anti-theft label.

Small stickers are often an important reflection of the company’s image and brand, and play an important role in reflecting product quality and arousing consumers’ desire to buy. The so-called self-adhesive printing is the process of transferring ink and other substances to the surface of printing materials under a certain pressure and precoating the adhesive layer on the back. Compared with ordinary printing, self-adhesive printing has the following characteristics:

1. Small investment and quick results. Most of the stickers are trademarks and stickers, with smaller format, faster printing speed and less waste;
2. The printing method is flexible. Not limited by the self-adhesive printing method, the traditional printing factory can use offset or screen printing machine for printing;
3. Multi-function. Self-adhesive printing is widely used in food, cosmetics, bar code, and can also be used as a sign of electronic products, mechanical products and other special environments.
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