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What are the application advantages of thermal paper in label printing

May 29,2023

Thermal paperis a special heat-sensitive material made according to the thermal effect. Due to its high sensitivity, high contrast, low noise and other advantages, it is widely used in the field of label printing.

Below, we will introduce the application advantages of thermal paper in label printing:

1. Easy to operate: The thermal paper printer is easy to operate, no need to use ink cartridges or ribbons, just install the thermal paper to start printing.
2. High reliability: The labels printed on thermal paper can be stored for a long time without fading or blurring, and have high reliability.
3. Cost savings: thermal paper printers cost less, and do not need to purchase additional consumables, such as ink cartridges or ribbons.
4. Ecological and environmental protection: Thermal paper does not require the use of harmful substances such as ink or solvents, and is environmentally friendly and in line with modern ecological and environmental protection concepts.
5. Fast printing speed: Thermal paper has a fast printing speed and is suitable for label printing on high-speed production lines.

However, thermal paper also has some disadvantages:
1. Strict storage conditions: thermal paper must be stored in a dry, cool environment without direct sunlight, otherwise it will be easily affected by moisture and discoloration.
2. Poor abrasion resistance: labels printed on thermal paper are easily scratched or worn, so in some application scenarios, film protection may be required.
3. Poor temperature resistance: labels printed on thermal paper are not resistant to high temperature (usually only able to withstand 60°C), if they need to be used in high temperature environment, you need to choose thermal transfer paper or direct Thermal Transfer Label.

The above are the advantages and disadvantages of thermal paper in label printing. How to choose the right thermal paper? First of all, choose the thermal paper of the corresponding specification according to the printer model, and choose the appropriate material and thickness according to the label use environment. In addition, pay attention to the storage conditions and temperature resistance of thermal paper.

In short, thermal paper has the advantages of simple operation, high reliability, cost saving, ecological environmental protection, and fast printing speed in label printing, but there are also shortcomings. Correct selection of suitable thermal paper can ensure the quality and reliability of label printing.

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