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Thermal paper: the advent of a new era of inkless printing

July 03,2023

In modern society, printing has become one of the indispensable important links. Traditional printing techniques use ink or inks, consumables must be replaced, are expensive, and may pollute the environment. However, the emergence of thermal paper printing has greatly promoted the development of inkless printing technology.

Definition and principle of thermal paper:
Thermal paperis a special rigid (or soft) paper that does not require ink or inks for its printing process. It heats the “heat-sensitive layer” on the thermal paper by heating the printing head, and it can present the desired image or text. This inkless printing technology has the advantages of saving money, convenience and environmental protection.

Advantages of thermal paper:
No need for ink, fast printing speed, safety and environmental protection, long service life, etc. are the advantages of thermal paper. Because the entire printing process can be completed in just one minute, the office efficiency is significantly improved. In addition, thermal paper is also very environmentally friendly because it does not produce any waste and harmful substances such as carbon dioxide.

Application fields of thermal paper:
At present, thermal paper has been widely used in many fields. Taking the sales industry as an example, POS paper is one of the necessities of almost every store, and most of them use thermal paper. On the other hand, thermal paper is also widely used in medical, logistics, transportation and other fields. For example, in the medical industry, thermal paper can be used to print medical citations, prescriptions, and important patient information. In the field of logistics, thermal paper can be used to print express orders and labels. In addition, it is also very common in banks and securities markets to print medium and long-term bills and financial product information.

In short, the emergence of thermal paper has made inkless printing technology a reality, bringing many conveniences and benefits to society. With the continuous development of technology, it is believed that the application of thermal paper will become more and more extensive.

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