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Thermal paper storage precautions

December 23,2022

1. Why do you need to pay attention to storage?

With the widespread use ofthermal paperin daily life, the storage of thermal paper and the preservation of handwriting have gradually become a concern of consumers. Regarding this problem, there are different opinions on the Internet. Here, Taiyang thermal paper manufacturers provide consumers with some precautions and tips on thermal paper storage and handwriting preservation, so as to better preserve thermal paper. handwriting.

2. What is the production principle of thermal paper?

The production principle ofthermal paperis to coat the particle powder on the ordinary paper base. Colored handwriting on paper is unstable and easy to fade. The handwriting on thermal printing paper will not be preserved for a long time, but it does not mean that it cannot be stored and retained for a long time. If the quality of the paper is good and the storage environment is paid attention to, it can be stored for several years after printing.

3. If you want to extend the storage time of handwriting, you need to pay attention to the following issues:

1. When purchasing thermal paper, you can judge the quality from the color of the paper. If the paper is very white, it means that too much phosphor has been added to the paper and the quality is not good.
2. Thermal paper has a high ignition point, so do not store it in a high temperature environment.
3. If the thermal paper is not used for a long time, it should be stored in a dry place, as the paper will be damp and the printing quality will be affected.
4. After the printer jams, turn off the power first, and then check the location of the jam.
5. Thermal paper that is not in use should be kept away from light and heat as much as possible to prevent the printed characters from being light after being placed for a period of time.

Tips for saving thermal paper:
1. Take a piece of plastic (premise: transparent, you can try plastic wrap or something), cover the printed paper, and stick scotch tape around it (attached to another large piece of paper).
2. After printing, try to paste it on the notebook with dots of glue (the effect of dots of glue on the heat-sensitive layer is negligible), do not use solid glue, glue or tape to paste.
3.Try to prevent the notebook with thermal paper from being exposed to strong light or place it in a relatively hot environment (normal light and room temperature have no effect).

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