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Thermal cash register paper: an essential tool to improve cash register efficiency

July 03,2023

In daily life and shopping consumption,thermal cash register paperis an item that we often come into contact with, but perhaps most people do not understand the actual application and function of this product. In fact, thermal cash register paper has become an essential tool for retail, catering and other places to improve cash register efficiency and customer satisfaction. Next, let’s take a look at the topic of thermal cash register paper.

The principle of thermal cash register paper:
Thermal technology refers to the technology of printing with a thermal head on a thermal printer. The principle is that the paper is covered with a special heat-sensitive coating. When the thermal head is heated, the heat will cause the coating to undergo a color reaction and leave corresponding patterns, text and other information on the paper. The heat-sensitive cash register paper is a paper covered with a heat-sensitive coating on the surface of the paper, usually white or light-colored. When a cashier uses a thermal printer to print a receipt, the heat-sensitive coating on the paper is permanently changed by the heat of the print head, forming information such as text, numbers or barcodes. Thermal cash register paper can be printed without carbon ribbon, so it is very suitable for use in small cash register or mobile cash register equipment.

Advantages of thermal cash register paper:
1. Fast speed: Thermal technology can realize high-speed printing, which can reach dozens to hundreds of sheets per minute.
2. Simple maintenance: Since the thermal technology does not need to use ink, it is relatively simple to maintain. In addition, since there is no ink, it also avoids damage caused by ink drying up in traditional printers.
3. High reliability: The content printed on thermal paper has the characteristics of long-term preservation, and it is not easy to fade, dust and moisture like ordinary paper.
4. Environmental protection and energy saving: Compared with the consumables on traditional printers, thermal printers can effectively reduce the cost of use and reduce environmental pollution.

Application scenarios of thermal cash register paper:
In addition to common retail places such as supermarkets and restaurants, thermal cash register paper has many other application scenarios, such as hospital prescriptions, station ticket sales, movie ticket sales and other places. These venues are characterized by fast and efficient settlement and ticketing, and the need to ensure the readability and durability of the receipt content. Thermal cash register paper can meet these needs, can print clear and accurate information quickly, and can be stored for a long time. In addition, thermal cash register paper can also be used in scenarios such as cargo identification and courier order printing in logistics transportation, providing logistics operators with convenient and fast data recording and tracking services.
In short, thermal cash register paper is widely used in various fields, bringing convenience and efficiency to people’s life and work.

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