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The difference between printing coated paper with and without film

January 10,2023

Coated paperis generally used for picture albums, covers, etc., so coated paper is gradually derived, so what is the difference between printing coated paper with and without coating?

Printing coated paperdoes not require lamination, this depends on the use of the environment and the grade of the lamination. Lamination is generally recommended, especially coated paper less than 250 grams, such as albums, recipes, albums, etc., due to the requirement of fine printing and frequent reading friction, it will affect the silk screen printing ink of the default coated paper, especially alcohol-soluble Polyamide inks are not resistant to sweat salts. Coated paper with a low grammage will become stiffer, neater and feel better after lamination, and it is also easy to preserve the picture for a long time without fading.

Is it better to buy coated paper for printing or not to have it coated:

1. General coated paper stickers are not coated to adapt to different environments. Coated paper stickers are suitable for general occasions, such as: warehousing, logistics, and some products are used on outer packaging cartons, which are economical and affordable. This kind of self-adhesive label It’s just to illustrate some items content. And it can save costs for the company.

2.Coated paper-coated labelsare generally used for food packaging, product identification, and some special environments. The coated self-adhesive labels can be waterproof, oil-proof, and stain-proof, and can also improve product quality. It will look better in the future, and it will be more tear-resistant, and the ink will be firmer and will melt away. The quality of the self-adhesive label can also improve the customer experience for the product, making people feel that the product quality should be beyond reproach.

One advantage of printing coated paper is that it is shiny, and it can also be waterproof to a certain extent, and can be wiped with a damp cloth, but if you want to write on it, you can try to cover it, otherwise the ink is not easy to dry.

In short, printing coated paper can split the light film and sub-film. The light film is inclined to look reflective, and the sub-film is the feeling of frosting. It won’t look old so quickly, but the price of coated paper is correspondingly higher. You can choose the coated paper that suits your company according to your needs.

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