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Precautions for medical record paper

June 13,2022

In order to ensure the recording quality of the ECG waveform, please use good quality thermal recording paper, otherwise it may cause problems such as shortening the life of the thermal dot matrix print head, blurring the recording waveform, and unsmooth paper feeding.

1.) When selecting recording paper, never use the recording paper with waxed surface and gray-black color, otherwise the wax will stick to the heating body of the print head, causing the print head to fail to work normally or be damaged.

2.) High temperature, humidity and sunlight will make the recording paper discolor, please keep it in a dry and cool place

3.) Please do not place the recording paper under fluorescent light for a long time, otherwise it will affect the recording effect

4.) Please do not put the recording paper and PVC plastic together, otherwise it will cause the recording paper to change color

5.) When the recording paper is placed on top of each other, the recording waveforms may be transferred to each other after a long time.

6.) Special attention should be paid to the size of the recording paper. Improperly sized recording paper may damage the thermal dot matrix print head or silicone rubber shaft.

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