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How to set the specifications of barcode thermal printing paper

December 02,2022

Barcode printing paperis a label on which a barcode is printed or printed. Most applications require that each barcode number is unique.Barcode printing paperis a paper product that can be seen everywhere in daily life, and is widely used in fields such as product labels. So, how to set the barcode printing paper specifications? Here is an answer for everyone.

According to the analysis of experienced people, the maximum size of thebarcode printing paperdepends on the width of the label printer and the ribbon. The printer can be set:

Step 1: Click the “Printer” button in the toolbar, then select the correct printer name in the type, and finally close the dialog box; (Of course, your computer must be connected to the printer first)

Step 2: Click the “Page Setup” button in the toolbar to open the Page Setup dialog box. In the “Paper” property page, you can choose “User-defined size” for the paper size, and then select the width and height below according to the actual situation. needs to be adjusted;

Note: If you guys can’t set it, it may be that the printer is wrongly selected, and the default is A4 paper.

How many sheets of barcode printing paper are there?

At present, the country has not formulated a unified standard for the specifications of barcode printing paper, and they are all set according to the actual needs of customers. The method for merchants to set the barcode printing paper specifications depends on what software they use. Generally, the sum of the widths of the three labels is the width; the height is the height of a single label; Columns; the spacing between horizontal and public directions is 2mm by default. If the merchant does not understand the setting method, he can consult the printer manufacturer. At present, the common specifications of barcode printing paper on the market are: 100mm×70mm, 102mm×76mm, 100mm×50mm, 100mm×45mm, 100mm×75mm, 75mm×45mm, 85mm×40mm, 60mm×35mm, 50mm×25mm, 70mm ×50mm, 70mm×20mm, 50mm×40mm, 40mm×10mm, 30mm×10mm, 30mm×25mm, 25mm×12mm, 30mm×15mm, etc.

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