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How to remove self-adhesive labels without leaving adhesive residue

June 11,2023

As a common existence in modern life,self-adhesive labelsare widely used in various daily items, such as mailing express, book covers, product packaging and so on. However, when removing self-adhesive labels, there are often situations that are difficult to clean up, which requires us to learn some methods for cleaning self-adhesive labels.
The following article will introduce you to a variety of methods for cleaning self-adhesive labels.

1. Scratch method
In the case where the self-adhesive label is attached to the item, some hard tools can be used to scrape it off. However, it is necessary to clean the dirt in the hands first, so as to prevent small devices such as computer keyboards from being damaged when scraped off. Hard tools should also choose wear-resistant tools to avoid scratching the items during the scraping process. The direction of scraping should be opposite to the sticking direction of the self-adhesive label, and it should be detached from the outer edge of the self-adhesive label inward, which can effectively reduce the area of the self-adhesive label residue and avoid leaving stains.

2. Dissolution method
This is a very common method of removing stickers, and some chemicals can be used to dissolve the stickers. The ingredients of many cleansing oils on the market are mainly mineral oil, which can be dissolved by applying mineral oil on the self-adhesive label. When using, first apply a small amount of mineral oil on the self-adhesive label, and then wipe it gently until the self-adhesive label is completely removed.
Another method of dissolving is to use alcohol. Applying a protective film on alcohol can significantly reduce the damage to the surface of the item during cleaning. This is a relatively safe method for cleaning self-adhesive labels, but be careful not to overuse it when using it.

3. Press method
When the self-adhesive label is attached to clothes or cloth, it can be pressed before drying to prevent it from drying and make it easier to remove. When using, heat-start the splint, soldering iron and other utensils (do not overheat to avoid scalding the clothes), and press it on the self-adhesive label for a few seconds to make it easier to remove.

4. Warm pen method
If it is some self-adhesive labels inlaid with metal, such as metal basins, it can generally be processed with a warm pen. During use, first set the temperature to the lowest temperature, and gradually increase the temperature until the self-adhesive label is melted. At this point, using a rag or other tool, take it out on the melted sticker. The temperature control should be appropriate, not overheating, so as not to scald the surface of the object but not too low, so as not to be too inefficient.

During use, there are still some points to pay attention to:
1. When removing self-adhesive labels, different removal methods need to be selected according to the type of self-adhesive labels.
2. No matter what method is used to remove the self-adhesive label, you should test it first to see if there is any damage to the surface of the item.
3. Be careful when removing the self-adhesive labels to avoid hurting your hands. At the same time, you must do a good job of ventilation to avoid inhaling flammable gases and affecting your health.
4. Avoid using sharp objects to scrape off the self-adhesive labels to avoid damaging the surface of the items.

In short, although it is a bit cumbersome to clean up the self-adhesive labels, you may wish to try more methods. You can determine which method to use according to the characteristics of the item and the type of self-adhesive labels, so as to achieve better results. At the same time, no matter which method you choose, you must choose a milder one to protect the integrity of the item.

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