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How to identify the quality of A4 copy paper

July 20,2023

In daily life and work, we often useA4 copy paper. How to identify the quality of A4 copy paper is of great significance to ensure the printing effect of documents and prolong the life of printers.

Here are some suggestions to help you identify the quality of A4 copy paper:

1. Paper gloss
Good A4 copy paper should have a moderate gloss, and a smooth surface can provide more accurate printing results. By observing the light reflected from the surface of the paper, the glossiness of the paper can be judged intuitively.

2. Paper thickness
Good quality A4 copy paper is usually of the right thickness. Thicker paper is stronger and more durable, and can print text or images more clearly. You can pick up a piece of paper, hold it gently with your hand and relax it. If the paper has good resilience and is not easy to break, it means that it is thicker.

3. Printing effect
The printing effect is also one of the important indicators to evaluate the quality of A4 copy paper. Choosing paper with uniform colors and sharp text or graphics will ensure that your documents will print with higher quality. It is recommended that you do a trial print before purchasing in order to evaluate the printing effect.

4. Whiteness of paper
Paper whiteness is also one of the important criteria to measure the quality of paper. Higher paper whiteness will make text and image colors more vivid and bright. Various papers can be put together to compare their whiteness, and the product whose paper whiteness is higher than the average level can be selected.

5. Reliability and durability
Good A4 copy paper should have good reliability and durability, they are not easy to tear, bend or curl, and can pass through the printer without jamming. You can try bending the paper slightly; if the paper shows no visible creases or tears, it is reliable and durable.

Choosing high-quality A4 copy paper is crucial to the improvement of printing quality. Whether in office or private use, choosing A4 copy paper with appropriate gloss, appropriate thickness, good printing effect, high whiteness, good reliability and durability can ensure better printing effect of documents and improve printing efficiency. Reliability and durability to meet our daily work and life needs.

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