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How to choose a frozen food label

November 30,2022

Frozen food self-adhesive labels, also called low-temperature resistant labels and low-temperature labels, are mainly used in sub-zero environments such as refrigeration, freezing, ultra-low temperature, liquid nitrogen, etc. Today I will take you to learn aboutfrozen food self-adhesive labels; frozen food labels, the fabrics of which are mainly glass-faced cardboard, heat-sensitive paper, offset paper, etc., have excellent low-temperature bonding performance, strong water resistance, and are suitable for PP, PE The cling film has strong bonding performance. It can be widely used in content labels, price labels, etc. of frozen food or beverages.

Frozen food refers to foods that have qualified food raw materials that have been properly processed, frozen at a temperature of -30 degrees Celsius, and stored and distributed at -18 degrees Celsius or lower after packaging. Due to the low-temperature cold chain storage throughout the whole process, frozen food has the characteristics of long shelf life, non-perishable, and convenient consumption, but it also poses greater challenges and higher requirements for packaging materials and labeling materials.

Environmental characteristics of cold storage

The humidity is high and the temperature is low. If ordinary labels are used in cold storage, they will easily deform, wrinkle and fall off. Moreover, the packaging forms of the items in the cold storage are various. The labels selected in such an environment must be able to have good moisture-proof and low-temperature resistance characteristics. There are many kinds of primers for labels, and low-temperature glue must be used for labels in cold storage.

If the label is pasted at room temperature and then placed in the cold storage, the surface paper of the label should be selected with certain elasticity. Since the packaging form of the item may be ordinary paper packaging or nylon bag packaging, labels of different materials can be selected according to needs. It is suggested that it is best to try it out for a short period of time before deciding whether to use a certain material.

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