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How many types of thermal paper are there?

August 03,2022

First, let’s understand what thermal paper is.
Thermal paperproduced by Guanhua paper products are specially treated paper that has a surface similar to that of ordinary white paper. Thermal paper has a smooth surface and is coated with a heat-sensitive coating, all on a general paper base. The color-emitting layer includes a binder, a color developer, and a colorless dye (or an invisible dye), and the chemical reaction is invisible because it is not separated by microcapsules. The thermal paper reacts chemically with the color developer and the colorless dye when it comes in contact with the thermal printing head. I think you should all understand what is going on. So now let’s take a look.
1、Single anti thermal paper (common thermal paper)
Selected Chinese general paper, only waterproof, can be stored at room temperature for about 8 months, clean surface, clear printing, waterproof and simple, widely used in general retail, barcode printing, logistics and transportation, etc., cheap price. However, this material should not be used for a long time, because the use of too long, will be yellowing or fading.We have a wide range of thermal paper, such asthermal paper for atm machines.

thermal paper for atm machines

How to distinguish the single anti thermal paper?
Use your fingernail to scratch quickly and forcefully on the paper, the coating of single anti paper is very thin and will produce a very deep black scratch.
2、Three-proof thermal paper
Using China’s high-quality paper special fabric, waterproof, oil-resistant, alcohol-resistant, and scratch-resistant, can be stored for about 2 years. Widely used in electronic scale paper, clothing, international logistics and other large supermarkets, especially in fruit supermarkets, fresh food and other markets, with a long shelf life.For example,thewater resistant thermal paper.

water resistant thermal paper

How to distinguish the three-proof thermal paper?
Use your fingernail to scratch quickly and forcefully on the paper, the three anti paper coating thickness is larger, the surface is waxed, not easy to scratch.
3、five anti thermal paper (thermal synthetic paper)
Synthetic thermal paper has a thick protective layer on the surface, and the bottom layer is high-strength tear-resistant label paper, which has greatly improved its waterproof, oil-proof and wear-resistant properties, and has good tear and tensile resistance.For example,thethermal paper cash roll.

thermal paper cash roll

How to distinguish the three anti thermal paper?
High tear and tensile resistance.Waterproof, oil-proof and corrosion-resistant. Long preservation time and very slow fading.printing effect is clear, full of color.easy to save, the paper is not easy to change color.
4、Long-lasting thermal paper
The three-proof long-lasting thermal paper is more waterproof, oil-based, alcohol-based, wear-resistant, rub-resistant, light-resistant and heat-resistant than the general three-proof thermal paper. Tested, the most durable long-lasting thermal paper can be kept for 8 years, 10 years or even 32 years.
Finally, Guanhua Paper wholesale thermal paper rolls,and supports customized thermal paper rolls.

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