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Do you know the common types of office paper and purchasing skills?

April 19,2022

We will come into contact with a lot of paper in our daily office, and we need them for copying documents, printing materials, etc. But different types of paper have different uses. Today,the leading thermal papermanufacturer Guanhua will tell you about popular science, common types of office paper and purchasing skills~


First, The Common Types of Office Paper


1.) Inkjet printing paper

Inkjet printing paper is specially designed for inkjet printing, and its printing quality is also excellent, much better than ordinary copy paper, mainly used in laser printing, CAD printing, thermal fusion printing, electrostatic copying and faxing.


2.) Computer Printing Paper

Computer printing paper is divided into one layer, two layers, three layers, four layers and five layers, which are mainly used in mobile phone business halls, banks, etc. When purchasing, it is necessary to clarify the number of layers required, and the wrong choice must be selected.


3.) Copy Paper

Copier paper has a wide range of applications, and can be used in laser printing paper, dot matrix printers, copiers, inkjet printers, etc. when the output effect is not high, mainly used for forms, copied text, legends and other materials.


4.) Carbon Paper

Carbon paper is divided into toner carbon paper and carbonless carbon paper. It is mostly used for coupons and bills. Toner carbon paper can be used for pens, pencils, typewriters, etc. and can be transferred to plain paper. But one disadvantage is that it is easy to get on hands and clothes. Carbonless copy paper is a kind of invisible copy, which can be directly developed by writing on it with a pen.


5.) Thermal Printing Paper

Thermal paper is a processed paper, also known as thermal copy paper, thermal fax paper, thermal recording paper, its principle is to coat a layer of “thermal paint” on high-quality base paper, mainly used for fax , receipts, trademarks, ECG drawings, etc.


6.) Cashier Paper

For ordinary needle-type printers, ordinary 1-3 layers of printing paper can be used for printing; for thermal head printers, only thermal printing paper can be used for printing. The cash register paper is the roll paper used by the cash register to record the cash register details. Its main function is to provide customers with a list of shopping details.


Second, Office Paper Purchasing Skills


1.) Smoothness

The better the smoothness of the paper, the more even and complete the contact between the toner cartridge and the paper surface, and the better the color rendering effect. On the contrary, it is easy to make the ink color of the printed product light and flowery.


2.) The Weight of the Paper Should be Appropriate

Common ordinary copy paper weighs 70 grams and 80 grams, and the heavier the weight, the higher the price. If the requirements are not high, 70 grams of copy paper is generally used.


3.) Not the Whiter the Better

Copy paper can be divided into two categories: original white and bleached. Bleached paper is whiter. If it is used at home or in a company, Xiaohong recommends choosing white copy paper to protect your eyes.

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