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Detailed explanation of the production process of PET labels

June 06,2023

PET label is currently the most widely used label material, with excellent mechanical properties, heat resistance and chemical corrosion resistance. In this article, we will introduce the production process of PET labels to help you better understand the production process of PET labels.

1. Material preparation
The main raw material of PET labels is polyester (PET). According to different product requirements, different auxiliary raw materials such as fillers, plasticizers, and pigments can be added. PET materials need to be dried to ensure that the moisture in the material will not affect the subsequent production process.

2. Printing
PET labels usually use flexographic printing or digital inkjet printing technology to print patterns and text. First of all, the design draft needs to be adjusted and output, and then the pattern and text are directly printed on the PET material through the printing equipment.

3. Synthetic coating
PET labels will be coated, mainly to improve the gloss and water resistance of the label. There are usually two coating methods: solution method and emulsion method. Among them, the solution method is to put the PET material into the coating for infiltration, and then cure the coating through an oven; the emulsion method is to put the PET material and the coating together in a mixing tank for stirring, and then form a mixture and then apply it through a coating machine.

4. Die cutting
Die-cutting is the last important link in the production of PET labels. It is mainly to cut the PET material into the required shape in the form of a mold according to customer needs. The die-cutting process has a huge impact on the quality and appearance of the label, so it requires a high degree of attention and precision during the operation.

In short, the production process of PET labels includes multiple steps such as material preparation, printing, synthetic coating and die cutting. In every production link, various parameters need to be strictly controlled to ensure that the quality of PET labels meets the standards required by customers. If you need custom PET labels, we can provide you with professional custom design and printing services. Please contact our customer service staff for more product details!

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