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February 09,2023

Label productsare rich in content and widely used. Previously, people believed that labels only refer to self-adhesive labels such as self-adhesive labels, which limited the development of label products and business development. Now the coverage of labels is increasing. The coverage and classification of new labels mainly include adhesive labels, in-mold labels, direct screenprinting labels, RFID labels, smart labels, heat-shrinkable labels and some ready-to-use labels, bills, etc.

The cost of adhesive label is more expensive than that of heat-shrinkable film label, but it can better express the requirements of delicate label. Mainly adhesive label.

“In-mould label” process refers to the production process of putting printed graphics or photo images as trademarks directly into the mold area of the plastic molding machine during the container production process, and integrating the label and container to form a complete packaging container. All these processing operations of the internal label of the mold can be completed at one time. “Internal label” has opened up new design aspects for plastic container/bottle manufacturers and other commodity packaging manufacturing, and is one of the fastest growing and most effective decorative methods in plastic packaging containers.

Screen printing labels use screen printing to print the patterns and words on the container packaging. The patterns and words have texture, and the overall effect is good. However, if there are many colors, direct screen printing will be more expensive. In addition, the quality of direct screen printing is not ideal, and it is more difficult to reflect exquisite patterns and small words.

The heat-shrinkable label uses heat-shrinkable film (mainly PVC film) as the packaging label. Compared with the direct-screen printing label and the non-drying adhesive label, the cost of the heat-shrinkable label is low, but the heat-shrinkable label is vulnerable to damage, is not conducive to environmental protection, and the overall image is not good.

In general, the scope of application of labels is expanding and the classification is also increasing. The label industry has a bright future.

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