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Thermal paper has a shelf life, how to make the thermal paper not fade?

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After the thermal paper is printed, there are several different standards for the storage period of the thermal paper handwriting. The storage period of the thermal paper handwriting used in the supermarket is required to not completely disappear within 3 months, and the handwriting remains clear within 1 month. This also explains why the supermarket cashier's receipt requires the customer to take the receipt to issue an invoice within one month, because the writing on the thermal paper is not clear after a long time. The fax paper is a fax type thermal paper, which requires that the printed handwriting be kept for more than half a year. There are also special thermal paper for medical use. The storage period is required to be as long as 2 years under ideal conditions. At present, most of them are imported thermal paper.

Then, after the thermal paper is printed, what if the thermal paper fades after a long time? How to make thermal paper not fade?

The answer is that there is no way to recover. After the thermal paper is opened, the paper surface will undergo oxidation reaction when it is placed under the air surface, and the chemical coating of its color developing layer will change, and the color development will start to be unclear. However, the coating after thermal paper printing belongs to the one that has already produced heat and color rendering effect, and will be neutralized slowly with time, air and external factors, which is an irreversible chemical reaction process.

When we usually use thermal paper, we should use it in advance during the storage period.

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