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Embrace safety and environmental protection, BPA-free thermal paper leads the future

Time : 2023-07-22 Hits : 8

In recent years, with the growing concern about food safety and environmental protection, the use of chemicals such as bisphenol A (BPA) has also started to attract widespread attention. As a common material used for receipt, label and ticket printing, thermal paper contains a large amount of BPA, which poses certain risks to people's health and the environment. In order to deal with this problem, BPA-free thermal paper came into being.


BPA-free thermal paper is a new type of thermal printing material. Compared with traditional thermal paper, it does not contain harmful substance BPA. BPA is an additive commonly used in flexible plastics, but over the past few years, various scientific studies have shown that BPA may have negative effects on human health, especially in children and pregnant women. Therefore, the emergence of BPA-free thermal paper fills a gap in the market and also meets the social demand for environmentally friendly products.

Compared with traditional thermal paper, BPA-free thermal paper has many advantages. First of all, BPA-free thermal paper can avoid potential health risks caused by using BPA-containing thermal paper. Second, it is environmentally friendly, reduces the consumption of natural resources, and does not cause fatal environmental pollution problems.

BPA-free thermal paper has better heat resistance during use, and can withstand the needs of high-temperature printing, thereby improving the printing effect and durability. At the same time, it also has high water resistance, grease resistance and oxidation resistance, making printed receipts, labels, etc. more durable and reliable.

In addition to benefiting consumers, BPA-free thermal paper is also a positive for businesses. As the public pays more attention to environmental protection issues, more and more enterprises start to advocate sustainable development and responsible operation. The use of BPA-free thermal paper can establish a good social image for enterprises, meet consumers' requirements for safety and environmental friendliness, and improve customer satisfaction and brand competitiveness.

However, like other new eco-friendly products, BPA-free thermal paper also faces some challenges. First, the cost of technical production is relatively high, which may lead to a slightly higher market price than traditional thermal paper. Second, the sustainability and stability of the supply chain need to be further strengthened to meet market demand. Therefore, enterprises and scientific research institutions should strengthen cooperation to promote the development and production of BPA-free thermal paper.

In short, embracing safety and environmental protection, choosing BPA-free thermal paper is a move in line with the trend of the times. It can not only protect our health and reduce environmental pollution, but also provide business opportunities and competitive advantages

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