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Will the label contact water lose stickiness?

Time : 2023-03-24 Hits : 14

Ordinary self-adhesive labels do not have waterproof function. For example, paper self-adhesive materials, water will seep into the paper and cause the self-adhesive label to rot. If you want paper self-adhesive labels to be waterproof, you can pass Industrial methods make the surface of paper stickers waterproof, which is only the surface.

The film self-adhesive label material itself is waterproof and not easy to tear. There are different materials: pvc material, pet material, pp material, pearlescent film composite material, synthetic paper, transparent dragon and other series composite material. Although this material has a waterproof function, its price and thickness are very different. Therefore, when selecting materials, you must know the specific functions and special requirements of the product. Otherwise, the products produced and processed may meet the requirements, but they may not be suitable.

Effect of Humidity on Labels

If it is an oil glue label, if the humidity is too high, the surface of the object to be pasted will be wet, and it will not be firmly pasted.

Only when the humidity is too high after pasting, it will not affect the self-adhesive, but it will affect the paper surface material. If it is a water-based label, if the humidity is too high before sticking, the surface of the object to be pasted will be wet, and after the label is in contact, it will absorb water, causing the glue surface to be not firmly pasted.

The humidity is too high after pasting, and the side of the self-adhesive label will first absorb water and cause water whitening. The same, it has an impact on paper surface materials.

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