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Wide applicability of self-adhesive labels

Time : 2021-11-29 Hits : 6

Self-adhesive printing is to print trademarks, labels, and advertising layout pictures on adhesive-coated composite paper, and then bond the composite paper to a wax-coated base paper.

When in use, as long as the waxed backing paper is peeled off, the self-adhesive label can be directly pasted on commodities or other objects. Because the self-adhesive printing materials have the advantages of strong adhesion, easy peeling and tearing, sensitive use, heat resistance, moisture resistance, resistance to aging, no pollution to products, and wide adaptability, they are widely used in social and economic life and have a very broad market. prospect. At present, most of the signs of electrical appliances, furniture, stationery, toys, food, etc. use Shanghai self-adhesive printing technology, which has received better use and is welcomed by the majority of users.

Compared with traditional printing, self-adhesive printing has many advantages. It has the following characteristics: small investment, quick results, sensitive printing methods, multiple functions, and wide market demand. Most of the self-adhesive printed products are trademarks and stickers, and the format is small. Only one trademark printing machine can complete all the processes such as multi-color printing, laminating, online die-cutting, active waste discharge, hot stamping, etc. The printing speed is fast and produces Less waste. At the same time, self-adhesive printing is not limited by printing methods. Traditional printing plants can choose offset printing presses or screen printing presses, while new printing plants can choose flexographic printing presses or trademark printing presses. The market demand for self-adhesive printed matter is also very wide. It can be used not only as trademarks and barcodes for food and cosmetics, but also as signs and nameplates in special environments such as electronic products and mechanical products.

Self-adhesive printing has a wide range of adaptability to printing methods, but most of the self-adhesive printing are trademark stickers. Different combinations should be adopted for the characteristics of small format, small batch, simple printing content, and complicated subsequent processing. Choose the appropriate method.

Offset printing is suitable for businesses with high printing registration requirements, precise drawings, large batches, and low post-processing requirements, so it is not an ideal printing method for self-adhesive printing. However, traditional printing companies can not only coordinate production, but also create considerable benefits based on their existing production equipment. The screen printing has the characteristics of small investment, thick printing ink layer, bright and long-lasting printing, and has a wide range of printing materials. It is most suitable for the printing of PC and PVC nameplate self-adhesive products. Self-adhesive products with dots overprinting. Toppan Printing’s investment scale is small, printing quality and printing speed are moderate, and general trademark printers can complete the production line of printing-laminating-printing serial number-die cutting-active waste discharge, which is convenient and practical, and is self-adhesive. The best choice for label printing. Gravure printing has a high cost of making plates and is not very suitable for self-adhesive printing. The flexo printing production line has strong in-line processing capabilities, good printing quality, and the ability to use ink and water, which has environmental advantages. However, its production line has a relatively large investment and is generally only suitable for mass printing, so it is not suitable for self-adhesive printing.

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