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Why is thermal paper widely used? What are the characteristics?

Time : 2022-04-25 Hits : 5

There must be a reason why thermal paper can be widely used. In terms of advantages, thermal paper has the characteristics of fast recording speed, completely dry, no smoke, no odor, no noise, and high resolution.

Among them, the intuitive printing speed is fast. For example, the printing speed of a fax machine using thermal paper is obviously several times faster than that of an ordinary ink cartridge printer. An industry insider said: "For example, there are often a lot of people queuing in front of an ATM machine, so thermal paper is also more suitable." For another example, when many passengers get off a taxi, they will feel that the speed of printing invoices is very slow, and they often need to wait for more than ten years. It takes seconds to get the invoice. Now, at least this also shows that the taxi ticket is not using thermal sensitive paper.

No noise when printing is also an advantage of thermal paper. When you get off a taxi and ask for a ticket, you must hear a "crackling" printing sound, but if you are printing a receipt at an ATM, you won't hear a similar noise.

Of course, the handwriting on thermal paper will become lighter and darker with time, while the shelf life of the handwriting printed on the ribbon is very long.

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