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Why glass bottles cannot use water-based glue for labeling

Time : 2024-05-22 Hits : 3

In the packaging industry, labeling glass bottles is a common step. However, choosing the right adhesive for labeling is crucial. Many people opt for water-based glue for labeling, but in reality, using water-based glue may not be the best choice.


1. Water-based glue requires a drying time after labeling. This means you need to wait for a period after applying the label to ensure it adheres firmly. This could prolong production time and increase production costs.

2. Water-based glue may lose its stickiness in humid environments. If your products need to be stored or transported in humid conditions, the labels may loosen or fall off. This can affect the product's appearance and diminish brand image.

3. Water-based glue could have negative environmental impacts. Some water-based glues contain harmful chemicals that may pollute the environment. Therefore, opting for eco-friendly glue is more sustainable for businesses.

To ensure strong label adhesion and environmental friendliness, it is recommended not to use water-based glue for labeling. Instead, choosing other types of adhesive like hot melt glue or tape may be more suitable. This can not only enhance production efficiency but also guarantee product quality and brand image. When selecting adhesive, it is essential to consider these factors to ensure your products stand out in the market.

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