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Why does the supermarket cashier use thermal paper

Time : 2023-02-09 Hits : 7

Heat sensitive paper is a kind of heat sensitive paper. Its surface contains a layer of heat sensitive coating. As long as it is heated, it will show its proper color, thus forming the phenomenon of leaving handwriting on the supermarket ticket. You may ask, why don't you use other printing paper for supermarket tickets? The following content will remove your doubts.

Many people think that using thermal paper as supermarket cash register paper is because of its good environmental protection. In fact, it has little to do with environmental protection, mainly because of thermal printer. The thermal printer has high stability and is basically maintenance-free. You can replace the thermal paper when you use it, and there are basically no other wear parts. Although the needle printer can also be made into a cash register printer, because there are too many mechanical parts of the needle printer, it is easy to have various problems in the process of use. There are also laser and inkjet printers, which are large in size, easy to block the inkjet printing head, high in power consumption, complex in working principle and high in maintenance cost. Therefore, the thermal printer is a good choice for printing the single receipt.

Volume: small footprint

Confidentiality: The development time of thermal paper is about 3 months, and then it will slowly disappear with the passage of time. Shopping information will slowly disappear with the passage of time.

Stability: The thermal printer has good stability. After all, the working principle is simple, the circuit design and mechanical structure are simple, and it is not easy to break down, and the system will not collapse.

Convenience: In addition to the special paper, the thermosensitive machine does not need to use consumables, so there is no need to delay the time due to replacing consumables. In addition, the thermosensitive paper in rolls can be printed as long as you want.

Cheap: The core component of thermal printing is the print head. The thermal printer is relatively cheap compared with laser and inkjet. In addition, it does not need to use redundant consumables in the future. It directly uses thermal paper imaging, saving the cost of consumables.

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