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Why does the label wrinkle?

Time : 2021-12-01 Hits : 7

We all know that the self-adhesive label itself is flat. Wrinkles will occur immediately after labeling or after being placed for a period of time. This is due to some objective conditions during or after labeling, such as the labeling temperature and environment. , The shape of the posted item, etc.

With the development of economy and society, the types of objects to be posted will become increasingly diversified. The open surface of the sticker should be a flat surface. If the bottle body is a spherical surface, the label is prone to wrinkles. If the spherical surface of the bottle body is not severe, it can be improved by reducing the stiffness of the surface material, such as thinner thickness or softer raw materials, but if the spherical surface is more severe, it can only be solved by modifying the mold.

Regarding the self-adhesive products whose face material is paper, its main component is wood fiber. When the humidity of the environment is relatively high, the paper will absorb water; when the humidity of the environment is relatively low, the paper will release water, and when the paper absorbs water After serving, swelling will occur in the CD direction, and eventually wrinkling will occur.

1. The influence of ambient temperature
The thermal expansion coefficient of the label and the material to be affixed is different. In the process of returning to normal temperature after high temperature, the deformation of the affixed object is inconsistent with that of the label material, and wrinkling will also occur. The solution is to try to select stickers with a coefficient of thermal expansion close to that of the material to be affixed to process the label.

2. The influence of environmental humidity
The solution can be UV waterproof varnish, or film treatment, or the use of film-like self-adhesive materials to avoid the problem of water absorption; for product labels, the labels can be placed in a humid environment before labeling to adequately adjust the humidity Labeling will be carried out afterwards.

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