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Why do synthetic paper self-adhesive labels bubble

Time : 2022-12-23 Hits : 5

Reasons for bubbles on synthetic paper self-adhesive labels:

1. Uneven glue coating.

Generally, self-adhesive label paper is composed of three parts: printing layer, adhesive and backing paper. According to the manufacturing process, it is composed of self-adhesive label paper coating, surface material, adhesive, and release coating (silicon-coated layer). , Backing paper, back coating or back printing consists of six parts.

If in the production process of self-adhesive label paper, there is a process problem of uneven glue coating when glue is applied, it will cause blistering. To solve the foaming caused by this reason, it is necessary to choose good quality synthetic paper stickers when purchasing.

2. The pressure of the labeling machine is not enough

The main components of the general automatic labeling machine are unwinding wheel, buffer wheel, guide roller, driving roller, winding wheel, peeling plate and pressure wheel. The process of automatic labeling is that after the sensor on the labeling machine sends out a labeling signal, the driving wheel of the labeling machine starts.

Because the roll label is in a tensioned state during assembly, when the backing paper is close to the peeling plate to change the bottom of the running label, the front end of the self-adhesive label paper is forced to separate from the backing paper due to the certain stiffness of the self-adhesive label paper. The marked object is just located at the lower part of the self-adhesive label paper, and the label separated from the backing paper is applied evenly and flatly on the object under the influence of the pressure roller.

After labeling, the sensor under the roll label sends out a signal to stop the operation, the driving wheel stops, and a labeling process ends. If there is a problem with the pressure setting or structural design of the pressure wheel of the labeling machine, it will cause blisters when the self-adhesive label paper is labeled. If you encounter this problem, you need to contact the manufacturer of the labeling machine to adjust the machine.

3. Manual labeling is not detailed enough

The general self-adhesive label paper is very flat, but because of the glue, it will be curled after being peeled off from the backing paper, but it will be fine as long as it is pasted along the edge of one side and wiped along with the trend Paste it. Although it is not a technical job, if it is not detailed enough, there will still be wrinkles or bubbles, just like a mobile phone film. Therefore, as long as it is careful enough, there is no problem with the selected product, and the problem of foaming can be completely avoided.

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