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Why do supermarkets mostly use thermal printers for cash registers?

Time : 2023-03-16 Hits : 4

Thermal paper is widely used. It can be seen in movie ticketing, ticketing, ATM automatic teller machines, police paper, electronic scales, thermal labels, thermal cash register paper and other fields.

There are various styles of printers. Why do supermarkets and other consumer places mostly use thermal printers and thermal paper for cash registers?

The main reason is that the thermal printer has high stability and basically does not need maintenance. It is enough to replace the thermal paper, and there are basically no other wearing parts. Although dot matrix printers can also be made into small ticket machines, but there are too many mechanical parts in dot matrix printers, which are prone to problems. However, laser printers and inkjet printers are too bulky, and inkjet print heads are easy to clog, and laser printers consume a lot of power. It is impossible to make small ticket machines at all. The working principle is complicated and the maintenance cost is also high. Therefore, a thermal printer is a good choice for printing single-page receipts.

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