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Why are movie ticket stubs printed on thermal paper now?

Time : 2022-07-07 Hits : 5

With the popularity of thermal paper, many movie tickets are now made of thermal paper. Why? The editor will answer for you.

In the original movie theaters, one movie is played at a time, and one or two windows are used to buy tickets. Movie tickets are pre-printed in a stack, so it is almost impossible to pick a seat, or it takes a lot of time to find a seat. This time it will not be sold. Tickets are also void. Greatly increased labor and operating costs.

Now that the flow of people in the cinema is so large, and there are so many halls showing movies at the same time, multiple windows can buy tickets at the same time, you can choose seats, and it is possible to temporarily change movies, so the efficiency of using pre-printed tickets will be unimaginably low.

The advantage of thermal paper is that the printing speed is fast and the failure rate is low. For the cinema, the validity period of the movie ticket is only two or three days. The consideration of what to save is purely to increase the cost.

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