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Where does the supermarket need thermal paper

Time : 2023-02-16 Hits : 3

In shopping malls and supermarkets, we often see various kinds of cash register paper. Maybe you have noticed the material and composition of this kind of cash register paper. In fact, most of these are printed by thermal paper, and some are printed by stylus printer. In addition to these, which aspects of the supermarket need to use thermal paper?

What is the purpose of thermal paper?

Thermal paper is mainly used in many aspects, such as cash register paper, printing paper, label paper, etc!

The application range is also very wide: retail supermarkets, cinemas, medical treatment, communications, fax machines, accounts, barcodes, etc.

Is the shopping register paper in shopping malls and supermarkets heat-sensitive?

Supermarket checkout paper is the most common heat-sensitive paper label, usually white. Thermal sensitive paper is a special kind of high-quality paper. It can change the color of the paper due to heat by applying chemical raw materials on the paper without using ink or printing ink. Thermal paper can be used as thermal printer, which is called thermal printing paper printer, cash register paper printer, bill printer, etc.

The basic principle of thermal printing paper is to coat the ordinary paper base with particle powder, which is composed of colorless phenolic dyes or other acidic substances, separated by the film and melted by the film. Under thermal conditions, the film melts and the powder is mixed with the coloring reaction. Generally speaking, the color ink on the thermal printing paper is unstable and easy to disappear, making it difficult to save the contents of the document, which is why the supermarket tickets are often not clear.

Where is the heat-sensitive paper cash register usually used?

Thermosensitive paper cash register is very common in our daily life, such as supermarket shopping cash register, bank receipt cash register printed by ATM machine, and cash register printed by POS machine after swiping card. The biggest advantage of these cash register papers is that they do not need ink cartridges, are convenient to use, small in size, and maintenance-free. The disadvantage is that the handwriting on the printed cash register paper will gradually fade over time and eventually disappear. The storage time is relatively short. Generally speaking, it can only be saved for about one year, and the handwriting will be very shallow and blurred after one year, and it will almost become a blank paper after two years!

What should we pay attention to in the daily use of heat-sensitive paper?

In daily life, people will inevitably contact with heat-sensitive paper and cash register, so they often contact with bisphenol a. So how to prevent BPA from invading our body and reduce the risk?

1. Try to reduce the number of times you take this cash register.
2. Wash your hands after touching the heat-sensitive paper, and do not use alcohol detergent. Remember not to touch your mouth directly, such as food, eating with your hands, etc.
3. The cash register is placed separately from other items to avoid contamination by bisphenol a.
4. Don't let children touch the heat-sensitive paper cash register.
5. Heat sensitive paper can be identified by scraping a coin on the paper. If there is discoloration or visible scratch, it is heat sensitive paper.

Is the price paper used in the supermarket heat-sensitive paper? What are the general specifications?

It varies according to its geographical location.

There are two kinds of cash register paper on the cash register: one is thermal paper; One is the copy paper of the needle printer.

If it is a price tag on the shelf, you need to set the specification first, let the manufacturer of the price tag set it for you, then put it in a closed room, and print it with a label printer.

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