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What's wrong with thermal paper that doesn't print?

Time : 2022-10-08 Hits : 3

Thermal paper printing is commonly used in three ways: lithography, relief printing (including flexography) and screen printing. The machine structure is divided into three types: round pressing, round pressing and flat pressing, and qz. For products with slightly larger printing page, such as posters and trademarks, generally use offset printing machines with circular pressing or circular flattening structure, and letterpress automatic printing machines to print. Product quality and printing efficiency can achieve satisfactory results. The trademark and label products with small format and multi plate structure, which need die cutting, film covering and bronzing, are most suitable for printing with relief thermal paper printing machine.
In general, we don't need carbon tape for thermal paper printing. We just need to change the printer to thermal mode. The place where the thermal paper is contacted by the thermal print head will automatically turn black. In this printing process, we just need to adjust the printing temperature and the image you need to print.
The thermal paper printer must use thermal paper, and only the smooth side of the thermal paper can be printed. Here's a tip. Use your fingernail to gently scratch the side that can be printed with thermal paper. In addition, thermal paper also has a shelf life. Before you buy it, Zui should understand clearly. Once it expires, it will also lead to the inability to type. To judge whether it is expired, you should also use a sharp object to mark it. If it has no color, it will be expired.  
The thermal printer needs to be used with thermal paper. It can print text through temperature sensing. Generally, it is used for supermarket receipts. The thermal printer selectively heats the thermal paper at a certain position, which generates the corresponding graphics. The heating is provided by a small electronic heater on the print head that wants to contact the thermal material. The heater is logically controlled by the printer in the form of square dots or strips. When it is driven, a graph corresponding to thermal elements is generated on the thermal paper. The same logic circuit that controls the heating element also controls the paper feeding, so that the entire graphic can be printed on the label or paper.
Thermal printers do not use ink, but print on thermal paper through heating elements. After using for a long time, the thermal print head is covered by dirt or the heating element is aging, and the printed font will gradually become unclear.   
Among the various materials of self-adhesive labels, the ink drop condition is different. For example, the possibility of ink dropping of paper adhesive materials in printing is relatively low, while the possibility of ink dropping of film adhesive materials is higher. The root cause is that the surface tension of the film material is low, UV curing is relatively poor, and there are too many printing ink additives.

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