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What to do if the thermal label cannot stick in winter

Time : 2023-03-24 Hits : 7

As soon as winter, various problems will occur frequently, especially on the plastic bottle. As soon as the temperature is low, there will be a phenomenon of talling, foaming, and wrinkles. Some thermal labels with large size on the curved surface are particularly obvious. So, what should I do if the thermal label can't stick in winter?

There are many reasons. Let's introduce them one by one.

1. If the label material is paper, the performance of no contraction and expansion with temperature changes;

2. The viscosity used in labels is small, and it cannot be firmly combined with the post;

3. When the label is labeled, there is a gap between the label and the paste.

4. Surface factors of the posted, such as being pasted are spherical, and it is difficult to stick some shapes. There are oil pollution, irregular particles, etc. on the surface.

5. Storage conditions after labeling. In some cases, labels meet the requirements, but they are not stored in the correct storage environment, resulting in tags and falling off.


1. Choose materials suitable for low temperature winter environmental labels, such as special labels to resist low temperature. Powerful companies can use PE materials non -drying labels.

2. The storage and labeling environment of the label is performed in the environment of ZUI in winter. After labeling, it can be stored in other temperature environments in a 15 -degree environment.

3. The label area is small, and the surface of the other post is selected to be flat, and the clean and tidy part is labeled.

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