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What should I do if the printer is jammed? How to solve it?

Time : 2022-06-10 Hits : 5

Printer paper jams are almost inevitable, and I believe that both students and office workers have encountered them. Apparently, the computer has shown that the file was printed successfully, but the actual file didn't come out of the printer smoothly and got stuck. Although it is not entirely caused by broken machine parts, it does cause a bad experience during use. Today, let us follow the editor to find out why and answer your doubts.

First, fix the paper jam. When a paper jam occurs, the first thing to do is to turn off the power to the printer! Many friends' first choice in this situation is to open the printer's paper tray, which is wrong.

You should wait a few minutes for the cooling to finish before removing the paper from the paper bin. At this time, the paper is often jammed, and the user can choose whether to take out the paper from the outside or take out the paper from the inside when the paper is jammed. It is generally recommended that users take out the paper in the direction of output, which can correspondingly reduce the difficulty of taking out the jammed paper. However, special care should be taken to prevent paper dust from remaining inside the printer. It should be noted that if the shredded paper is not easy to take out, the printing device can automatically take out the shredded paper through the operation principle of the power-on idling self-check because the printing consumables are installed.

Second, avoid the interference of print media. Printer jams are caused by interference from the print media. There are generally several situations. Let's take a look at them with me.

1Foreign objects fall into the carton. When the paper tray is opened, some foreign objects can easily fall into the printer, causing paper jams and damage to the printer.
2. The quality of the printing paper is not good. Some poor-quality printing papers are prone to fiber shedding, causing machine failures and paper jams.
3. Print media formats are different. The movable cardboard stop on the paper feeding unit of the printer is too loose, which increases the amplitude of the paper swinging from side to side, and also increases the probability of paper jams.
How to avoid the trouble caused by paper jams to the greatest extent?
On the one hand, users should use printing equipment in a standardized and correct manner, reduce the failure rate of the printer, and use high-quality printing paper. On the other hand, regular maintenance of the printer is also essential. As long as any machine fails, regular equipment maintenance can effectively reduce the failure rate of the equipment.

Of course, for some people who are not strong in hands-on ability and do not know much about printing equipment, if they want to avoid the trouble caused by paper jams, they can use online printing through the network platform. Generally, online printing platforms are much more professional than ordinary people, and will not delay users' business due to paper jams.

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