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What material are the printed movie tickets made of

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Thermal paper is usually used for movie ticket printing, so movie tickets are also called Thermal Tickets. Generally, the material for movie ticket printing should use 80g waterproof material special thermal paper as the base paper, so as to realize the printing customization of movie tickets. Let's take a detailed look at the materials used for movie ticket printing.

Under normal circumstances, there are three categories of thermal paper base paper for movie ticket printing:

1. In the earliest days, it was also a high-grade three-proof thermal paper. The printing paper weight of the three-proof thermal paper is 80 grams. The standard expression is 80gsm thermal three-proof printing paper, which has the functions of waterproof, moisture-proof, friction-proof and alcohol-proof. Thermal paper printing paper is smooth and flat, can cope with various complex natural environments, and has a relatively long storage period.

2. A special thermal-proof paper for movie tickets. The core of the special paper for movie tickets at this stage is this kind of waterproof and moisture-proof thermal paper. After printing, it will not be easily faded after contact with water, and the printed paper will not be scattered. Can cope with conditions in humid natural environments. The weight of the thermal paper for movie tickets is also 80 grams, which is the current mainstream movie ticket paper base paper.

3. Thermal paper cashier paper. The thermal paper of about 70 grams can be directly printed and made. This kind of thermal paper is relatively common. It is a special thermal paper for shopping malls. It is not actually a raw material for movie ticket paper. Because of the rising price and cost of thermal paper, more and more businesses or manufacturers choose to use thermal cash register paper instead of special paper for movie tickets to make printed movie tickets. will have an impact later.

The paper generally used for movie ticket paper is made of the above three types of thermal paper base paper.

What material are movie tickets printed on?

In the process of printing and customizing movie tickets, special attention must be paid to the following matters:

1. Selection of raw materials.
Movie tickets are printed on high-quality and high-quality imported thermal paper as much as possible, with a net weight of 80-100g. Movie theaters usually have popcorn + soda service. Popcorn is fried food, and soda has water content. Generally, thermal paper will become blurred or even discolored when it touches oil or water. The choice of three-proof paper printing can prevent the problem of discoloration of the movie tickets after the movie tickets are printed. In addition, in terms of application time and writing storage time, movie tickets printed with three-proof paper are longer than ordinary thermal paper. According to the factory inspection of the manufacturer, under the ideal state, the application cycle time of the three-proof paper is more than ten years, and the general thermal paper is only 2 years.

2. Printing shades.
Cinema ticket printing is roll ticket printing, and its raw material is thermal paper. Thermal paper is not a printing paper made for printing. Different from coated paper, its main attribute is printing attribute. The printing properties of thermal paper and coated paper cannot be compared. In terms of color tone, cinema ticket printing should try not to choose a color pattern design with too many colors. It is very CMYK four-color printing overprint category, and use spot color printing as much as possible.

3. Slitting technology.
Movie ticket printing is roll-type thermal paper printing. Special attention should be paid to these two matters when slitting, one is the output direction of the printing paper, and the other is the cross-section of the black mark. The paper output direction is related to the ticketing system. In order to better communicate with customers about printing paper output regulations, it is best to show a physical sample. At this stage, the paper output direction of the mainstream product movie ticket printing is basically the header first, and the thermal surface is outside. The common precautions for black mark cutting are that conventional movie tickets basically specify the printing part of the positioning form, and the cutting edge of the black mark cannot leave blank lines. The black mark recognition probes of some thermal printers are basically relatively close to the side. If the edge of the black mark cannot be cut tightly, the black mark will be missed.

4. Since movie ticket printing is made of thermal paper, its packaging regulations need to follow the special packaging standard for thermal paper. Thermal paper printed matter packaging regulations should exceed moisture-proof, light-proof and outer carton requirements for transportation.

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