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What is the material of the general supermarket electronic scale label

Time : 2022-02-08 Hits : 9

Supermarket electronic scale labels are thermal paper self-adhesive labels, which are specially used for electronic scales and a kind of thermal paper in the cash register. They are mainly used for price identification labels. The key application is to print out barcode electronic scales in supermarkets. . The way to detect thermal paper is very simple: swipe the paper with your fingernail, leaving a gray-black scratch.


Thermal paper is suitable for signing on storage shelves such as freezers and refrigerators, and most of its specifications are stable at 40mmX60mm. It is a paper material treated with a high heat-sensitive heat-sensitive coating. There is glue on the back of the printing paper to stick and fix it, and a layer of bottom paper to protect the glue. After printing, tear off the bottom paper. It can be applied. The bottom paper is divided into general blue background, white background and glassine.

Many people don’t know about thermal paper, and it is divided into one, three-proof thermal paper, and five-proof thermal paper.
1. Thermal paper: only waterproof, the waterproof here is different from the waterproof of other materials, which means that the barcode, text, pattern design and other information printed on the thermal paper are not easily lost or blurred when they are stuck with water. It is not that the label is not easy to be soaked in water. But it’s not that water can prevent it. You can’t use boiling water to scald the thermal paper. Not only will the information be lost, the label material will be damaged.
Three-proof thermal paper: It is waterproof, scratch-proof, anti-sticking adhesive, and has certain anti-ethanol properties. Relatively speaking, because of the different levels of scratches and precipitation during the transportation process, express logistics, etc., most use three-proof thermal paper materials.
Not only used in transportation and logistics, thermal paper is commonly used in shopping mall price labels, clothing label paper stickers, chain convenience store labels, barcode labels, international freight bag labels, outer box labels and other common labels.
Five anti-thermal paper: It has the characteristics of abrasion resistance, tear resistance and moisture resistance. Also called thermal synthetic paper.

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