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What is the effect of adding wax lotion to the thermal paper coating?

Time : 2022-11-10 Hits : 4

The main purpose of adding wax lotion to thermosensitive paper coating is to obtain high sensitivity, prevent background color from developing, and increase stability.

1. Get high sensitivity.
The heat sensitive paper needs to be calendered to improve the smoothness, but when calendering, the base color is often colored due to the pressure. The material with large crystallization enthalpy can effectively absorb the heat generated during calendering.

2. Prevents the base color from appearing.
Waxes are representative pressure coloration inhibitors and have good compatibility with colorless dyes, color developing agents, etc. When paraffin lotion is used as a pressure chromophoric inhibitor, due to the small surface tension of paraffin, it has a certain defoaming effect.

3. Increase stability.
Although paraffin lotion is an important anti colouring agent under pressure, there have always been problems such as difficult emulsification, poor stability of lotion, the paint is most stable under neutral or weakly alkaline conditions, and all components in the paint are electronegative.

Therefore, due to the above functions, the wax lotion added to the thermal paper coating has the following main uses:

1.  Paint formula: anionic paraffin lotion is very stable and has good compatibility with the thermosensitive paint, which is the best paint formula.

2. Waterproof and moisture-proof: wax lotion is used for the thermal paper coating, which gives the thermal paper excellent waterproof and moisture-proof.

3. Anti grease: increase the abrasion resistance and smoothness of the coating, and improve the anti grease performance.

4. Provide color intensity: effectively improve the water repellency, while providing high color intensity.

5. Prolonging the storage life of thermal paper: It will not affect the color and appearance of the products, improve the abrasion resistance and smoothness of the coating, and extend the storage life of thermal paper.

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