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What is the difference between synthetic stickers and PET stickers

Time : 2023-01-10 Hits : 4

PET self-adhesive material, PET is the English abbreviation of polyester film, is a polymer material. Synthetic self-adhesive material, with plastic as the main raw material, has the whiteness, opacity, printability and plastic properties of paper, and is mostly used for high-end electronic product body labels and battery labels. Freeman's PET Freeman synthetic self-adhesive is similar to PET self-adhesive in appearance, and the default color is white, which cannot be torn by hand. Because there are many commonalities, many people don't know the difference between synthetic stickers and PET stickers.

Let's look at three different ways to differentiate:

1. Listen: You can pick up the label paper and play it with your fingers. You will find that the PET sticker will make a crisp sound, and the synthetic paper will not be so loud.

2. Touch: You can touch the label paper with your hands. Generally, synthetic stickers are softer than PET stickers.

3. Tear: Pick up the label with your hands and tear it hard. You can compare the two labels, and you will find that the folds of PET stickers are deep, while the folds of synthetic stickers are gentler.

In short, although PET self-adhesives and synthetic self-adhesives are similar in appearance and have tear resistance and other characteristics, they are different in printing. PET self-adhesives are tear-resistant, scratch-resistant, and suitable for long-term storage. They are mostly used for assets Management, etc.; synthetic self-adhesive is tear-resistant, anti-puncture, wear-resistant and fold-resistant. It is relatively soft and easy to bend. It can be used for cable labels, does not reflect light, and has beautiful printing effects. It is mostly used for medical and cosmetic labels. Wait.

The above is the introduction of the difference between synthetic self-adhesive and PET self-adhesive. I hope it will be helpful to you. For more information, please contact us.

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