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What is the difference between blue thermal paper and black thermal paper?

Time : 2022-07-04 Hits : 6

Now when people go shopping, thermal paper is common. Everyone knows that the color of thermal paper after heating is black, but sometimes the receipt printed from the thermal paper received at the checkout is blue.

After consulting experts in the production ofInbetter Paper Factory, let's talk about their differences today. Some friends are not very familiar withInbetter Paper Products Factory, so I will introduce it below.

Inbetter Paper Factory is a modern production enterprise integrating production and sales. It mainly deals in various office supplies such as thermal paper, cash register paper, self-adhesive paper, medical recording paper, etc. It has been in the production of thermal paper for 19 years. experience of.

However, for the blue thermal paper currently on the market, experts fromInbetter Paper Factory said: the black thermal paper uses microcapsules for color development, and the blue thermal paper uses blue fuel for color development. . In terms of cost, the cost of blue-colored thermal paper is relatively low, but at present, the use of blue-colored thermal paper is relatively small. The reason is that the receipt paper often touches the hands of merchants. The harm is greater than that of the black thermal paper.

The reason why some merchants use it is that the cost of blue-colored thermal paper is lower than that of black-colored thermal paper, and merchants may choose when considering the surface cost. But on the contrary, when we buy thermal paper, the first choice is the thermal paper that is not harmful to the human body. High-end thermal paper may be slightly higher in cost, but for those of us who have been in contact for a long time , or should be the first choice for harmless thermal paper.

The first choice for thermal paper isInbetter Paper Factory, a 19-year manufacturer, pure wood pulp base paper, quality assurance.

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