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What is the connection between carbonless paper and copy paper

Time : 2022-02-08 Hits : 12

Many people may not know what carbonless paper is. In fact, there is a certain relationship between carbonless paper and copy paper. Carbonless paper is also known as carbonless carbon paper. It is named after carbon material is not used in the manufacturing process. Carbonless paper is divided into positiveness and generosity, generally including paper loading, middle paper, and paper loading. Paper loading and unloading have no function of copying, only medium paper can copy, like the commonly used copy form is carbonless paper.

So, what is the difference between carbonless paper and copy paper? Copy paper is often blue due to the use of carbon materials, and it is easy to get on your hands. Carbonless paper is not significantly different from ordinary paper in appearance, but it has the same copying effect as blue carbon paper, and carbonless paper will not stain fingers and clothes.

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