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What if alcohol is sprayed on paper documents

Time : 2023-02-01 Hits : 6

Paper documents are an important form of expression carrying graphic information, accounting for the majority of the proportion of documents in our lives, so at present, electronic documents can not replace paper documents. But paper documents often have some unavoidable problems, such as being sprayed with alcohol. What should we do at this time? Let's give you a detailed answer.

Common paper documents are generally: ordinary printing paper and thermal paper.

Case 1: The ordinary printing paper is sprayed with alcohol
Because alcohol has the function of disinfection, it can only remove the ink on the paper and will not react with ordinary printing paper.
Treatment method: Gently wipe with a dry paper towel or towel to accelerate the volatilization of alcohol and reduce the damage of handwriting on paper documents to a certain extent.

Case 2: The thermosensitive paper is sprayed with alcohol
Generally, there are two kinds of heat-sensitive components in the coating of heat-sensitive paper: one is colorless dye or leuco dye; The other is color developer. Phenol dyes are insoluble in water and soluble in organic solvents; They do not react with alcohol. Therefore, when alcohol is sprayed on the heat-sensitive printing paper, the adhesive layer of the heat-sensitive paper will decompose, the color particles (black) will gather, and the paper will become black.

If the heat-sensitive paper is sprayed with alcohol, it is generally difficult to recover the handwriting, because alcohol will decompose the adhesive layer of the heat-sensitive paper, and yes, the black particles will gather, and the whole paper will become black. Therefore, important document information should not be placed on thermal paper as much as possible. If there is important information on thermal paper, it should also be transferred to other paper documents as soon as possible to avoid irrecoverable situations.

Extended knowledge: how to recover the lost words of thermal paper

1. The principle and use method of the disappearance of heat-sensitive paper characters
The main reason why the handwriting on the heat-sensitive paper will disappear is that it is affected by the light, but there are also comprehensive factors, such as time and environmental temperature. Although the handwriting has disappeared, the heat-sensitive paper still retains its original characteristics. As long as it still retains its characteristics, we can use the method of constant temperature heating to recover the handwriting. Put the thermal printing paper into the thermostat, use the thermostat to heat, wait for a period of time, and the handwriting will be restored. It will not display white words on a black background, which is different from the black words on a white background we saw before.

2. Specific operation method for recovering the handwriting of thermal sensitive paper by constant temperature heating
(1) Put the faded heat-sensitive printing paper into the incubator.
(2) Close the thermostat, control the temperature scale of the thermostat, and adjust the temperature to 75 ℃ to 100 ℃.
(3) After waiting for 10 minutes, the thermal printing paper will undergo chemical reaction after being heated in the incubator. The result is that the original handwriting is white and the original blank is black, so we can see what we recorded.
(4) If we can't see the handwriting clearly, we can use a high-pixel digital camera to image and input it into the computer. This instrument can use color difference to identify.
It turns out that the text on the heat-sensitive paper can be simply restored by using the thermostatic oven, but Xiaobian feels that the time for the restored paper to save the text will not be too long, so once the text is restored, it is better to copy the materials needed on it to the ordinary paper document, so as to extend its storage time.

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