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What happens when thermal paper encounters hot water?

Time : 2022-04-08 Hits : 6

The writing on the thermal paper disappears when exposed to water, indicating that the thermal paper of poor quality must be used. Ordinary thermal paper contains bisphenol A, which is the cheapest color developer. Thermal paper mainly relies on the thermal coating to print text images. The color developer and color developer in the thermal coating are both chemical substances, so the quality of the thermal coating material determines the quality of the thermal paper. Many In order to reduce costs, bad manufacturers use some poor raw materials instead.

The reason for its discoloration also starts from its composition. There are two main thermal components in thermal paper coating: one is leuco dye or leuco dye; the other is color developer. This type of thermal paper is also called two-component chemical type thermal recording paper. The leuco dyes commonly used in needle printing paper specifications are: crystal violet lactone (CVL) of trityl phthalide system, fluoran system, leuco benzoylmethylene blue (BLMB) or spiropyran system and other substances.

Common supermarket receipts, hospital registration receipts, etc., use thermal paper. Thermal paper is specially used for thermal printers and thermal fax machines. Its quality directly affects the printing quality and storage time, and even affects the service life of printers and fax machines. At present, the thermal paper on the market is mixed, the paper used by Liaocheng thermal paper fee pos machine is pos slip, also known as pos machine paper, pos slip is a transfer payment voucher specially used for swiping card pos machine, generally consisting of 2- It is composed of 4 pages and uses carbonless copy paper as the material, which is a typical folding printing form. The country has not yet issued a national standard, and many users do not know how to identify the quality of thermal paper, which provides convenience for many businesses to manufacture inferior thermal paper, causing losses to users, shortening the storage time of light, blurred handwriting, and heavy duty. damaged printer.

Thermal paper: the cash register paper produced by thermal paper processing, all of which are single-layered, coated with thermal chemical coating on the paper surface, and the cash register paper that is printed by the laser thermal head to develop color, which is characterized by no printing consumables , without carbon ribbon, ribbon or ink cartridge; and the surface of the paper is relatively smooth, and there will be clear imprints when scratched on the paper with a fingernail or a hard object. Cash register paper, as the name suggests, refers to the paper roll used in the cash register to record the cash register details. It is mainly used to provide customers with a shopping list, which can be replaced after use.

In order to achieve a better use effect, first look at the material. The paper with a white surface and no impurities is generally wood pulp paper, and the cash register paper produced has better tensile strength and a clean appearance; mixed pulp paper or straw pulp paper is used. , there are more or less miscellaneous spots on it, it is obvious that the tension is also poor, and it is easy to break during the printing process; in fact, it is smoothness, and the cash register paper with good smoothness can reduce the wear of the print head and can achieve better print effect. Which cash register thermal paper is of good quality? Thermal cash register paper is a printing paper specially used for thermal printers. Its quality directly affects the printing quality and storage time, and even affects the service life of the printer.

The special case is that the adhesives of the hot melt adhesive series are not suitable for sticking on the pvc material. Due to the chemical reaction between the chemical composition of the adhesive itself and the plasticizer composition of the pvc itself, the phenomenon of glue leakage occurs and the surface to be pasted is damaged. It is a paper material which has been solved by a high heat-sensitive thermal coating. The high-sensitivity surface material can be applied to a low-voltage print head, so the loss of the print head is extremely small. Thermal paper is specially suitable for electronic scales, a kind of thermal paper in the cash register. The method of testing thermal paper: scratching the paper with a fingernail will leave a black scratch. Thermal paper is used in cold storage, freezer and other shelf labels, and its size is mostly stable at 40mmX60mm standard. The choice of self-adhesive label material printing companies.

The protective coating on thermal paper plays a key role in the storage time after printing; under natural conditions, the coating can absorb part of the light that causes the thermal coating to react chemically, thereby slowing down the deterioration time of the printing paper . If the protective coating on the paper surface of the thermal paper is not uniform, the protection of the thermal coating will be reduced, which will also reduce the storage time of the thermal paper.

In order to solve this problem, many thermal paper manufacturers will add an additional protective layer on top of the dye layer to minimize the contact between the dye and other chemicals, so that the documents printed on thermal paper can be stored longer . However, this method will increase the cost of thermal paper, so some businesses will continue to use ordinary thermal paper without a protective layer. If you are worried that the shopping receipt in your hand will fade after being stored for a long time, it is a good way to keep a copy of it by copying or scanning it in time.

Thermal paper is a special kind of coated processed paper whose appearance is similar to ordinary white paper. The surface layer of thermal paper is smooth, which is made of ordinary paper as the paper base, and a layer of thermal color-emitting layer is coated on it, which is coated on one side of the surface of ordinary paper. When the thermal paper encounters the hot print head, the print head prints The color developer and the leuco dye at the place will react chemically and change color, forming a picture and text.

Printing on rough coated thermal paper, printing quality and formula heat investment will save shrinking documents, greatly reduce color in some places, some places dark with you only have very little time, good change printing paper printing at room temperature (can be After storage) 5 years, direct sunlight conditions, prevent more than 10 years, thermal paper, thermal coating ingredients can be preserved, but if it is unreasonable, you can only keep it for a few months.

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