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What does the logistics service provider's electronic face-to-face delivery mean

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Electronic face slip is a face slip provided to merchants that uses self-adhesive thermal paper to print customer receipt and delivery information. It is also called thermal paper express label, economical face slip, two-dimensional code face slip, etc. After a unified review by the headquarters, the outlets provide the merchants with thermal paper and number segments, and the merchants complete the electronic receipt printing and printing. Delivery to the courier company to collect and deliver.


The electronic face-to-face service is a cooperation between Cainiao Network and some designated express companies. The merchants apply to Cainiao Network and the express company. The express company headquarters will pre-issue the logistics order number to the merchant after approval by the express company. The scope of the logistics order number pre-issued by the express company Authorized merchants in China have opened this service, and printed out paper logistics face-to-face service through thermal paper.

Extended information:
Electronic face sheet advantage

1. Higher efficiency
1) The electronic face sheet is 4-6 times that of the ordinary paper face sheet, and it only takes 1-2 seconds to print each order. The efficient order printing greatly relieves the pressure of large-scale order printing of e-commerce and other customers, and the average speed It is 2500 sheets/hour, and it can reach 3600 sheets/hour when zuì is high, which makes it easy to deal with promotional activities.
2) Orders are completed faster. After applying for waybill numbers from major express logistics companies, merchants can automatically import order information, receipt and delivery information in batches in the face-bill printing software, and then automatically generate label templates. After clicking print, batch-generate express face-bills.

2. The cost is lower, and the cost of the electronic face sheet itself is more than 5 times lower than that of the traditional face sheet.
Since electronic face sheets are mostly rolled or foldable three-layer thermal adhesive label paper, the printer used to print electronic face sheets is what we commonly call "thermal printers".
But this type of thermal printer is different from the thermal receipt printers we often see at the cashiers of supermarkets/shopping malls. Since the width of the electronic receipt is 100mm, which is larger than the supermarket receipt, and forms and barcodes may be required on the express receipt, the thermal printer that zhēn can be used to print the electronic receipt can only have a print width of 4 Thermal label printer of inches and above.
In addition, most thermal transfer barcode label printers on the market also have the function of thermal printing. However, when the user is only used for electronic face sheet printing, that is, when only the thermal printing function is needed, it is recommended to use thermal printing. "Electronic face sheet printer" in printing mode.

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