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What does it mean to divide the needle type paper into two equal parts and three equal parts

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Needle-type printing paper, commonly used in invoices, invoices, etc., is a kind of computer printing paper commonly used by enterprises and factories. However, people often say that the needle-type printing paper is divided into two equal parts, the needle-type printing paper is divided into three equal parts, and so on. So, what does "equally divided" mean here?

Divide is smaller than A4 paper. 241mm*279mm

The second half is 241mm*140mm (the second half is half of the first half)

The third is 241mm*93mm (the third is one third of the first)

These formats are available in the sample delivery note printing software, and the formats are also ready-made. very good.

The specification of the paper refers to that after the paper is made, it is trimmed and trimmed to a certain size. In the past, how many "opens" (such as 8 open or 16 open, etc.) were used to indicate the size of the paper. I adopted the international standard and stipulated that the marks such as A0, A1, A2, B1, B2, A4, A5. Specification. The standard stipulates that the proportional relationship between the width (represented by X) and the length (represented by Y) of the paper is X:Y=1:n.

According to the basic area of paper format, the format specifications are divided into A series, B series and C series. The format size of A0 is 841mm×1189mm, and the format area is 1 square meter; the format size of B0 is 1000mm×1414mm, and the format The area is 2.5 square meters; the format size of C0 is 917mm×1279mm, and the format area is 2.25 square meters; the format specifications of copy paper only use A series and B series.

If A0 paper is halved along the length, it becomes A1 size, and A1 paper is halved along the length direction, it becomes A2 size, and so on to A8 size; B8 paper is also bisected to B8 size in this way Specification. The format sizes of A0~A8 and B0~B8 are listed in the table below. Among them, there are 7 formats of A3, A4, A5, A6, B4, B5, B6, etc., which are commonly used for copy paper.

For example, "A4" paper means that the basic size of A-type paper is folded 4 times, so the area of a piece of A4 paper is 1/16 of the 4th power of 2 of the basic paper area. And so on for the rest.

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