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What changes have thermal paper materials brought to our lives?

Time : 2022-03-24 Hits : 4

Thermal paper materials have brought earth-shaking changes to our lives. The emergence of thermal paper has solved the cost of printer consumables and environmental protection issues. So what are the uses of thermal paper materials in daily life?

Is thermal paper very common in life?
In fact, these papers are not only used in take-out orders, but also the shopping receipts printed when we go to the supermarket to buy things, the electronic single-face paper attached to the express packaging, and the withdrawal receipts printed on the bank ATM machine to withdraw money are all thermal paper. The front of these papers is a bit smoother than the back, which is also a way of distinguishing the front and back. In addition, some supermarkets will directly print some preferential information on the back, this type of thermal paper is relatively thick.

There are many uses of thermal paper in daily life, but many of us don't know it.

For example, when we buy items in a large supermarket, we will give you a receipt after paying at the cash register. The milky white receipt paper is thermal paper. Industry insiders said: thermal cash register paper, supermarket cash register paper.

In addition to this, we have ATMs, ATMs and cash machines in financial institutions. After withdrawing money, many people will print a receipt as a receipt for the payment. Receipts from financial institutions are also thermal paper, printed on both sides.

Also, we dine in some high-end and low-end restaurants. We also apply thermal paper when ordering. Receipts deducted by hotels The receipts are also thermal paper.

The reason why thermal paper is used in many places and in large quantities is because thermal printers do not use black ink, relatively less environmental pollution, long service life and relatively simple maintenance.

The process of thermal paper: A brief description is to apply it to one side of normal white paper. Materials exposed to high temperatures will turn black, and fonts, numbers, patterns, etc. will appear.

The main sales markets of thermal paper/cash registers: department stores, large and medium-sized shopping plazas, financial institutions, hotel restaurants, mobile card POS machines, restaurants, department store clerks, hotel restaurants, medical institutions, chain convenience stores, Tmall Specialty stores, movie vouchers, financial institutions ATM machines and more.

Nowadays, many medical institutions medical institutions use more and more thermal paper.

For many medical institutions' diagnostic report forms, many can be printed out with three-proof thermal paper, and then the inspection results can be seen clearly and accurately. There is also a slip of paper for automatic queuing and number picking in medical institutions. The queuing and number-taking papers for outpatient clinics in other hospitals are printed on thermal paper. Thermal paper can be used as a fully automatic terminal to print out credentials. In addition to this, in the field of electrocardiography, electrocardiogram drawings made of thermal paper have been applied. ECG thermal paper has the advantages of sensitive printing and faster printing speed.

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