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What are the types of thermal self-adhesive label backing paper?

Time : 2022-05-18 Hits : 5

The commonly used backing paper for thermal self-adhesive labels is white grid, blue grid and yellow grid. In fact, the backing paper is classified according to the material, which can be divided into paper and film. According to the light transmittance, it can be divided into transparent backing paper, translucent backing paper and opaque backing paper, etc.

According to the process, it can be divided into overpressure liner, machined matte liner, etc. Usually, everyone has heard of white-coated paper stickers, yellow-coated stickers, etc. This is distinguished by the color of the base paper. Glassine backing paper (also known as glass backing paper) is an ultra-matte paper translucent backing paper.

The following is a brief list of several backing papers for thermal self-adhesive labels, as follows:

1. Overpressure bottom paper. Generally 60-80 grams per square meter, overpressure. According to the different pulp formula, it is divided into SCK backing paper and glassine backing paper, and the color of the backing paper is divided into yellow and blue. White, translucent.

2. Machine-processed calendered backing paper. Generally 80-110 grams per square meter, the backing paper is processed by machine calendering, white and opaque.

3. Plastic film backing paper. The thickness is generally 38-60 microns, and it is usually BOPP or PET with good dimensional stability and high strength, and is a transparent backing paper.

4. The surface is coated with plastic backing paper. That is to say, kraft paper is a base paper that is first coated with plastic and then coated with silicon. The basis weight is generally 80-150 grams per square meter. The base paper is generally yellow and white, and it is an opaque base paper.

So, what kind of backing paper is used in what scene?

Usually there is no limit to the type of backing paper in the way of manual labeling, but if the labeling machine is used for labeling, the backing paper should be transparent backing paper and glassine backing paper. In addition, printing self-adhesive products such as digital presses. Offset printing, etc., are products in the form of flat sheets, most of which are thick-backed paper. Die-cutting machines, flexo machines, digital printers, rotary machines, and products in the form of rolls, mainly glassine backing paper, and a small amount of thick backing paper.

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