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What are the three main materials of common cash register paper?

Time : 2022-04-21 Hits : 8

Cash register paper is very common in our daily life. We can receive a cash register paper for almost everything we buy. In fact, common cash register paper mainly includes thermal paper, ordinary double-adhesive paper and carbonless paper. Let me introduce you one by one!

The common specifications of thermal cash register paper are:

57x50 type, 57x60 type, 57x80 type, 75x50 type, 75x60 type, 75x80 type, 80x50 type, 80x60 type, 80x80 type, etc.

The common specifications of double-adhesive paper cash register paper are:

44x40 type, 57x60 type, 70x60 type, 75x60 type, 75x80 type, 82x70 type, 82x80 type, etc.

Common specifications of carbon-free cash register paper are:

57x40 double deck, 57x60 double deck, 75x60 double deck, 75x60 triple deck, 241x100 double deck, 241x100 triple deck, etc.

Thermal cash register paper is generally divided into three layers, the bottom layer is the paper base, the second layer is the thermal coating, and the third layer is the protective layer. The thermal coating or protective layer mainly affects its quality. If the coating of the thermal cash register paper is not uniform, when printing, it will lead to different shades of printing; The protective layer is also critical to the storage time after printing. It can absorb part of the light that causes the thermal coating to react chemically and slow down the deterioration of the thermal cash register paper.

How to choose a good thermal cash register paper?

(1) Carefully check the appearance of the thermal paper. Good quality cash register thermal printer paper has uniform color, good smoothness, high whiteness, and a little greenish. If the paper is very white, the protective coating and thermal coating of the paper are not reasonable, and too much phosphor may be added; if the paper is not smooth or looks uneven, then the paper coating is not uniform; if the paper looks uneven The reflected light is very strong, and too much phosphor is added.

(2) Use fire to heat the back of the cash register thermal paper. If the color on the paper is brown, it means that the thermal formula is not reasonable and the storage time may be shorter. If the black part of the paper has fine stripes Or uneven color blocks, indicating uneven coating. Better quality paper should be dark-green after heating, with uniform color blocks, gradually fading from the center to the periphery.

(3) Comparison of front and back: some manufacturers do not hesitate to use "high-tech" means in order to reduce the cost of thermal paper for cash registers. The front is very white and bright, adding a lot of fluorescent powder and calcium carbonate, while the back is very rough, and mostly recycled paper is used. , so that the paper loses a lot of paper scraps during printing and cutting, which seriously affects the life of the print head and automatic paper cutter.

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