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What are the main uses of high temperature self-adhesive label paper?

Time : 2022-07-25 Hits : 8

Label paper, one of the printing consumables, is also indispensable. Label paper consumables endow label paper with more functionality and practicability. Compared with traditional label paper consumables, it is only pure paper, and today's label paper has long been derived. There are many types, so, high temperature resistant label paper consumables is one of them, where is it mainly used?

Features of high temperature resistant label paper:

Using ultra-thin 1mil polyimide material, on the premise of ensuring excellent quality, it is noble and not expensive;

Save your labeling costs and let you get the best price/performance ratio;

The combination of ultra-thin materials is suitable for the whole process;

Can withstand up to 315 ℃ / 50 minutes;

Does not fall off, does not deform;

Resist all kinds of chemicals and all kinds of wear;

Maintain quality stability

What are the uses of high temperature resistant label paper consumables?
1. Various identification labels are required in the process of printed circuit boards and host electroplates. Conventional labels will catch fire and burn under high temperature conditions. It is very unsafe, ranging from burning down a workshop, seriously possibly the entire factory, after all, a single spark can start a prairie fire. The high temperature label paper avoids this situation and improves the efficiency of factory shipments!
2. High temperature label paper tape can always remain stable in viscosity and physical properties throughout the life cycle of the label, ensuring that its images and barcodes are clear and readable.

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