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What are the ingredients in thermal paper coatings?

Time : 2022-07-25 Hits : 7

Thermal coatings are very important in the production of thermal paper, and the chemicals used in thermal coatings are generally composed of more than a dozen kinds in a certain proportion. But each company's heat-sensitive paint formulations are proprietary and vary. Here is a brief introduction to the basic ratio of coatings.

In the formulation of heat sensitive coatings at least:

(1) Leuco dyes, accounting for a few percent, there are many varieties of dyes, and the most commonly used are fluorane compounds. Such as: 3-diethylamino-7-o-chlorobenzene fluorane, etc.

(2) Color developer, accounting for less than 20%, commonly used bisphenol A and paraben. Common color-developing agents include: p-phenylphenol; methylene bis-naphthol salicylate; aromatic sulfonic acids; aromatic sulfides; 2,4-dihydroxybenzoic acid.

(3) Sensitizers, accounting for less than 10%, such as benzenesulfonic acid amide compounds.

(4) Filler, accounting for less than 50%, calcium carbonate (fine particles) is commonly used. Function: Improve the opacity of the paper and improve the contrast between the image and the background color.

(5) Adhesive, below 10%, such as polyvinyl acetate. Function: The coating has good surface strength and printing performance, and the adhesive also forms a colloidal protective film between the dye and the developer to isolate the two to prevent premature reaction.

(6) Stabilizer, accounting for a few percent, such as dibenzoyl terephthalate.

(7) Lubricant, accounting for a few percent. It is generally a waxy substance, which can be used to prevent the thermal head from sticking.

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