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What are the factors that affect the custom price of computer printing paper

Time : 2022-04-15 Hits : 10

Customized computer printing paper products can be seen everywhere in daily life. Bills, invoices, invoices, invoices, etc. are all customized products of computer printing paper. Then, why is the customized price of computer printing paper different in different manufacturers? , a small computer printing paper, what is the difference when customizing it?

There are three factors that affect the customized price of computer printing paper: specification, printing color, and quantity. I won't explain it in detail here. Interested friends can go to the previous articles of the editor. In addition, the costs of major manufacturers are also different. Of course, the costs of labor, site, water, electricity, equipment maintenance, etc. are also different in different places.

The difference is the base paper purchased. The computer printing paper manufacturer is just a processing factory that processes base paper, and does not produce base paper. Base paper is obtained from upstream base paper manufacturers. When environmental protection is not strictly investigated, base paper manufacturers of all sizes spread all over the country. Its quality is uneven. Some manufacturers want to save costs and earn higher profits by purchasing base paper with poor quality and processing them to customers. Doing so often means that consumers will suffer from the troubles caused by quality. Color development and paper jam are two factors that affect the use, which will almost make customers collapse and go crazy. On the manufacturer's side, it is almost impossible to find anyone.

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