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What are the commonly used self-adhesive bottom papers

Time : 2022-02-08 Hits : 4

The production of self-adhesive labels is inseparable from the support of the backing paper. There are so many types of backing papers. What kind of backing paper can you choose to make a product label that suits you? The editor below will let you know!


The bottom paper of self-adhesive material is also called substrate and release paper. There is a layer of silicone oil on the bottom paper, commonly known as silicon-coated layer and release layer. Its function is to prevent the self-adhesive adhesive from sticking to the backing paper. The bottom paper is classified according to the material, and can be divided into paper and film. According to the transmittance, it can be divided into transparent bottom paper, translucent bottom paper and opaque bottom paper. According to the process, it can be divided into super calendered bottom paper and machined matt bottom paper. Everyone has heard of white-bottomed coated paper stickers, yellow-bottomed coated paper stickers, etc., which are distinguished by the color of the bottom paper. Among them, the well-known glassine paper (also known as glass paper) is a super matt translucent paper.

1. Super calendered bottom paper. Generally 60-80 grams per square meter, made by super calendering. According to the different pulp formulas, it is divided into SCK bottom paper and Glassine bottom paper. The color of the bottom paper is divided into yellow, blue, white, and translucent.

2. Machining calendered bottom paper. -Generally 80-110 grams per square meter, the bottom paper is machine-calendered, white and opaque.

3. Plastic film bottom paper. The thickness is generally 38-60 microns, usually BOPP or PET with good dimensional stability and high strength, and transparent backing paper.

4. The surface is coated with plastic bottom paper. That is, a base paper in which kraft paper is first coated with plastic and then coated with silicon. The basis weight is generally 80-150 grams per square meter. The base paper is usually yellow or white, and it is an opaque base paper.

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